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Aricent is a global innovation and technology services company that helps clients to imagine, commercialize, and evolve products and services for the connected world. Aricent software is integral to more than 700 million handsets out in the world, with eight of the leading handset manufacturers as customers, and nine of the largest global service providers using our software.

Aricent provides optimized audio, video and image codecs for various Arm platforms – Arm9, Arm11, Arm Cortex-A & Arm Cortex-M processors. Aricent solutions are differentiated by high performance optimal solutions enabling new multimedia experiences and applications as diverse as HD Audio/Video Playback, A/V Recording, Image Editing, Streaming, VVoIP, IMS VS etc. These solutions are driving innovations in mobile devices, automotive infotainment systems,  Set top boxes and home gateways.

Aricent is a single source of a large pool of multimedia components, supporting the complete suite of codecs and system components for Android, Linux based platforms (Tizen, FireFox), Windows phone, iOS, and RTOS platforms. Our solutions for the Arm Community include:

  • GPU Compute & Neon

    “Our HEVC solution leverages Arm Mali GPU Compute in concert with NEON optimizations on the Arm Cortex-A multi-core CPU to make Ultra HD video content streaming a reality”- Giri KK, VP Engineering, Aricent
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  • Validating if a system works.
  • Optimized for Mali

    Aricent and Arm are collaborating on the optimization of advanced multimedia codecs such as HEVC for mobile computing devices using the latest advancements in GPU Computing technologies for delivering multi-screen playback and streaming solutions.

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