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Cortexica is a leading provider of Mobile Visual Search technologies, powering mass market, retail mobile Apps, that provide a new and exciting visual search experience. Cortexica’s software-based technology requires only a smartphone camera and an Internet connection for full functionality. 

With Cortexica’s technology, users enjoy an intuitive visual search interface, allowing them to easily find what they are looking for in the virtual world by using images or products that inspire them in their physical world. Everyday products such as groceries, vehicles, articles of clothing or accessories and more can now be recognized and found just by using an end user captured image.

  • Cortexica’s technology is highly optimized in terms of GPU and compute power, with a high recognition rate even in dynamic environments and challenging lighting conditions.

Cortexica and Arm

Accurate Image Recognition with Cortexica

Cortexica Deep Neural Network demonstration. This demo shows the reliability of Neural Networks for image recognition, in this case accelerated using OpenCL running on the GPU. The use of GPU Compute allows the algorithm to run using the powerful Arm Mali-T628 GPU together with the Arm Cortex-A15 & A7 CPUs. The deep neural network in this example has been trained offline and is capable of recognising over 700 images, showing great resilience to image size, position, rotation and quality.

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