Crunchfish Logo and Tagline


Crunchfish is an open family of playful explorers passionate about mobile interaction. We have an exceptional team in computer vision and interaction design focusing on creating amazing user experience. Our head office is based in the dynamic Öresund region in the south of Sweden. We operate globally with customers including OEMs, app developers and service providers world wide.

Touchless A3D® 

Touchless A3D is a software platform that detects and tracks objects in three dimensions relying only on the video stream from the embedded camera in a mobile device. The platform runs on all major mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android and Windows.

Key advantages are the patent pending object tracking that enables a smooth and natural interaction and the ability to track objects even in dim light conditions.

Crunchfish and Arm

Arm and Crunchfish have collaborated on enablement and optimization of new touch-less UI interfaces using GPU Compute on Mali.

This demo shows a Crunchfish face detection algorithm running on a Google Nexus 10 tablet (Arm Cortex-A15 (MP2) CPU, Arm Mali-T604 (MP4) GPU).

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