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Developing VR technology
With over ten years’ experience of VR and AR research, DeePoon is one of the world’s leading VR Companies. Specialising in creating Head Mounted Displays (HMDs), VR content platforms and VR Ecosystems, DeePoon have a 60% market share in China and are looking to expand worldwide. They also offer a VR SDK that enables developers to create VR applications and games.

Deepoon and Arm

Arm acted as Technical Consultants for the first VR Game Developer Competition in China. Held in Shanghai, the competition was sponsored by DeePoon and brought together VR developers from across China. Arm IP is used in the range of all-in-one Deepoon headsets  (where the headset has a build in SoC to power the device).

Deepoon V2 HMD

Deepoon V2 HMD

  • Suitable for smartphones with a screen size of 4-6″
  • Optical expertise: 59-69mm Interpupilliary distance
  • Stylish design
  • Works with Google Cardboard and 3Dbobo apps

Find out more about theV2 HMD on the DeePoon website

Deepoon M2 HMD

Deepoon M2 HMD

  • Samsung Exynos 7420 SOC (Arm Mali-T760 MP8)
  • Built-in 2560×1440 Samsung AMOLED screen
  • 96° Field Of View
  • All-in-one design
Deepoon E2 HMD

Deepoon E2 HMD

  • Built-in Samsung AMOLED screen
  • 120° Field Of View
  • 75Hz refresh rate, 19ms delay
  • Works with PC-based apps
Deepoon SDK

Deepoon SDK

  • Create VR Apps and Games quickly
  • Unity, Unreal Engine and Native App support
  • Asynchronous Time Warp
  • Lens distortion correction
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