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Founded in 1991, Epic Games are the creators of the UnrealGears of War and Infinity Blade series of games. Epic’s Unreal Engine technology brings high-fidelity, interactive experiences to PC, console, mobile and VR.
Today, Epic are building the new Unreal Tournament, and have studios located in North Carolina, Washington, Utah, Poland, Korea and Japan.

Optimized for Mali

Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression (ASTC) and Shader Pixel Local Storage (PLS), both implemented in Arm Mali GPUs, decrease texture memory size, bandwidth use and reduce memory access between shader passes. You can see PLS and ASTC at work in Arm & Epic Games’ Unreal Engine demo video on this page.

"Free performance with no clipping...thanks to PLS"Epic Games
"[There is] no reason to use anything other than ASTC!"Epic Games

Moon Temple demo

See how advanced Arm CPU and GPU features can improve game performance and battery life. Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression (ASTC) implemented in Arm’s Mali GPU decreases texture memory size and bandwidth use. Shader Pixel Local Storage (PLS), also implemented in Mali, reduces memory accesses between shader passes. The Armv8-A CPU provides performance gains through architecture improvements including doubling the number of registers available.
This demo is shown running on a Mali-T760 MP8 platform.

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Building an Unreal engine application with Mali Graphics Debugger support

Mali Graphics Debugger (MGD) allows developers to trace Vulkan, OpenGL ES, EGL and OpenCL API calls in their application to understand their effect frame-by-frame and to help identify possible bottlenecks.
Add support for MGD on a non-rooted device to your Unreal Engine application - Read our blog to find out how