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Benchmarking next generation technology

Kishonti Ltd. is a leading specialist in high-performance graphics, compute, automotive and computer vision solutions. In the past decade we have been working together with leaders of the semiconductor and consumer electronics market listed among top ranking technology companies of the NASDAQ-100.

Kishonti provide 3D graphics and compute performance analysis and optimization services for companies in the field of visual computing. Extending to automotive technologies, they offer benchmarking and optimization for entertainment and driver assistance system implementations used in future smart cars.

Kishonti's software development frameworks offer innovative tools for creating automotive applications featuring both navigation and computer vision technologies

Arm and Kishonti are partnering in testing new Mali GPU-performance. The engagement involves test cover performance, compatibility issues and testing Kishonti’s open standard based applications under multiple OS platforms.

An Ecosystem interview with Kishonti


Kishonti Informatics demonstrates an Arm Mali-T6xx with GPU Compute running desktop-grade software.

GLBenchmark 3D Navigation


This well-known 3D Navigation benchmark for OpenGL ES 2.0 was optimized on some of the earliest Arm Mali-200 hardware and demonstrates the benefit of optimizations with Arm ecosystem partners which continues today.

  • Validating if a system works.
  • Optimized for Mali

    Kishonti and Arm have been working together to test and exploit the features the Mali GPU offers in benchmarks and frameworks for many years. You can see examples of this in NaviGenie and modern GFXBenchmarks

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