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A Gaming Storefront optimized for Arm Mali GPUs

Marmalade has a simple purpose – to enable developers to create great content on any device. Sixteen years ago, the founding team believed that technology should not be a barrier to content, and must free developers to innovate, create and craft the right experiences for their audiences without boundaries. Today Marmalade continues to innovate at the forefront of the mobile technology industry, providing services and technology to deliver native performance on any device.

At the core of the company, the powerful Marmalade SDK enables developers to build high performance 2D and 3D games and apps using its flexible development environment. It provides developers with access to an exceptional ecosystem of partner services, tools and technologies that work seamlessly with Marmalade, enabling developers and game makers to execute their vision without compromise.

By harnessing the Marmalade SDK and other leading technologies for front-line game development, Marmalade Game Studiodevelops best-in-class titles for an impressive client list of brand and IP owners across the globe, as well as exciting original projects. A talented team of designers, artists, developers and testers work meticulously to bring the client’s vision to life, repeatedly creating smash hit AAA titles that result in millions of downloads across multiple platforms.

Marmalade Technologies Ltd. is based in London and is privately owned. Following the launch of its free SDK in 2014, Marmalade has enjoyed unprecedented growth, reaching new markets with its high performance C++ SDK. SimCity BuildIt, Angry Birds Stella Pop! and Plants vs Zombies are just a few of the great games that have been made with Marmalade.

Marmalade have ported Marmalade SDK on Mali GPU.

  • Marmalade platform

    “Optimising Marmalade for Mali was a painless task, The quality of the Mali Developers Tools and the support available from Arm helped us exploit Mali to its full amazing potential.”Tim Closs, CTO Marmalade.
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  • Optimized for Mali

    “As the number of deployed Mali-enabled chipsets increases, these optimizations will ensure that developers using Marmalade are able to cost-effectively leverage the full power of the Mali designs.”Tim Closs, CTO Marmalade.
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Marmalade and Arm

“[There is] no reason to use anything other than ASTC!” - Epic Games

Project Gotham Racing ported on Arm Mali GPU

Formerly a PC/Xbox title, and with the publishing rights from game title owner Glu Mobile, PGR can now run on any embedded devices with an OpenGL ES 2.0 compatible Mali GPU in it. It can take advantage of the programmable shader effects and the pixel throughput to output WVGA resolution screen, while achieving 25 frames per second.

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Gaming StoreFront utilities unique Mali features

An intuitive and engaging interface in 3D, this StoreFront was built up from the ground by Ideaworks Labs and their artists in minimal time (less than 2 weeks). It shows just how easy, once a developer is familiar with Mali, it is to take advantage of free 4x Anti-Aliasing, alpha-blending, 3D geometrical animations and rotations to make your user interface more captivating.

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