Game Development Reinvented

PlayCanvas is an online social hub for game development. It seamlessly marries a powerful, multi-user visual editing platform with a rich community site.

The whole toolset and the games it generates are built on HTML5 technology and therefore run on any device equipped with a web browser. Since user projects and the resulting games are all stored in the cloud, developers can trivially switch between devices during development and generate truly device independent games. Tools and games are delivered to the browser in a completely friction-less manner, with no installation or browser plugin required. Everything is guaranteed to remain synchronized and up to date.

PlayCanvas an Arm Ecosystem interview

PlayCanvas logo

The PlayCanvas Platform is designed around the principles of social development. When developers sign up for the service, they become part of a community that makes discover-ability simple and allows teams to form organically. For the first time, game developers are able to seamlessly collaborate in real-time rather than work in isolation. Developers also have the option to allow their games to be forked, resulting in ‘remixed’ versions of popular games rippling out across the site.

  • SeeMore WebGL demo
  • The Making of SeeMore WebGL

    Will Eastcott, PlayCanvas, lets us know about the process of making SeeMore WebGL. If you liked the demo then get the inside scoop by downloading the presentation below: Download
  • WebGL logo
  • WebGL Optimizatons for Mobile

    Lorenzo Dal Col, Arm,  presents how to optimise WebGL content for mobile. Learn how to use the Arm tools such as DS-5 Streamline and the Mali Graphics Debugger. PlayCanvas content is explored with best practices. Download
  • Validating if a system works.
  • Optimized for Mali

    PlayCanvas is the world’s only mobile-friendly game development environment and runs flawlessly on Mali-based platforms.

    PlayCanvas generates Mali-optimized GLSL shader code procedurally at run time and leverages Mali-enabled WebGL extensions in order to get the best possible performance.

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SeeMore WebGL video run through

PlayCanvas walk through the SeeMore WebGL demo on the Arm booth at GDC. The demo uses physically-based rendering demonstrating high-quality visuals running in a web browser. This enables rich content to run on all platforms from PC to mobile. These effects are equal to what you what you would expect from high-end native applications.

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