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Automagic 3D Asset Optimization

Simplygon™ is the leading tool-chain middleware for automatic optimization of 3D-game content and Level of Detail. Simplygon offers the benefits of LODs but without the drawbacks of tedious, time-consuming manual work; increased production time; and development cost. Moreover, using Simplygon means more consistent LOD quality; having LOD models available throughout/earlier in production; and increased visual quality by for example enabling more content to be shown on screen.

Donya Labs AB, creators of Simplygon, is the leading developer and provider of automatic 3D-optimization solutions and dedicated to helping professional game developers streamline their 3D-content pipeline. The revolutionary Simplygon middleware has been licensed by some of the world’s most well renowned game publishers and developers including 2K Games, Rockstar Games and Activision; Blizzard Entertainment, Konami, Microsoft, NCsoft, Nexon, Sony Online Entertainment, Square Enix and Tencent.

Simplygon and Arm

Simplygon software is optimized to work on Arm Cortex and Arm Mali platforms. By optimizing triangles being drawn improvements in performance and battery life can be made. These can be used in conjunction with Arm's tools such as Streamline to examine hardware utilization and the Mali Graphics Debugger to reduce overdraw, further improvements are also possible.

See an example of Simplygon's triangle optimization in action:

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    Download the Simplygon SDK to try out the software in your projects! Games & Entreprise applications for mobile, VR, AR and WebGL are supported.

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