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Transmension Technology is a game development company specialized in three dimensional game design and production. Now we are working at pushing green game content onto screens of family TV-set and personal computer under the situation of tri-networks integration. Meanwhile, we advocate the mind of whole family’s participation and the value of healthy family.

Transmension also distributes world top family entertainment games (e.g. PopCap, SSD) for platforms such as IPTV, set-top box, net-TV box in China, and then operates value-added service on these platforms. Transmension focus on the development of new 3D body-act game technology and now steps on the front of this field. Transmension commits to producing 3D body-act game with better commercial value and higher performance, in order to meet more and more requirements of 3D body-act games from the market.

Top features:

  • HD games for TV screens
  • High performance 3D games for embedded systems
  • One millions+ user base
  • Support Linux/Android IPTV, set-top-boxes and smart TVs
  • Family-friendly, motion and best-selling casual games

    Transmension and Arm

    Optimized for Mali

    • Uses texture compression (ETC format): reduce texture memory and bandwidth
    • Uses 4x Anti-aliasing: improve visual effects
    • Uses texture atlas: less rendering state changes
    • Uses Mali Performance Analysis Tool: effective performance analysis

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    • DS-5 Development Studio

      Transmension used the Arm DS-5 Development Studio to allow efficient hardware analysis of applications.

      Learn more
    • Mali Graphics Debugger v3
    • Mali Graphics Debugger

      The Mali Graphics Debugger allows developers to trace OpenGL ES API calls in their application and understand frame-by-frame the effect on the application to help identify possible issues. Transmension optimized their apps with this tool.

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