Arm Mali GPU Vulkan Drivers

Vulkan® is a new generation graphics and compute API that provides high-efficiency, cross-platform access to modern GPUs used in a wide variety of devices from PCs and consoles to mobile phones and embedded platforms. Find out more at

The recently announced Mali-G71 GPU has been developed expressly to meet the needs of new industry advancements such as the Vulkan graphics API, making it the the perfect GPU for premium mobile graphics.

The following Mali GPUs are Vulkan Conformant:

Midgard Architecture

Mali-T760 GPU

Mali-T820 and Mali-T830 GPUs

Mali-T860 and Mali-T880 GPUs

Bifrost Architecture

Mali-G71 GPU

Once available our Mali GPU User-Space Binary Drivers page will contain these driver downloads.

*These drivers will be user-space components and only on some platforms with Android 7.0 or Linux will be able to support them.


You can read the Vulkan Conformant Products page on the Khronos website for further information. Vulkan and the Vulkan logo are trademarks of the Khronos Group Inc.


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