The ARM HPC Ecosystem

Welcome to the ARM HPC Ecosystem. Make the most of High Performance Computing on the ARMv8-A architecture with all the information, resources and downloads you need in one place.

ARM announces availability of ARM Fortran Compiler

Featuring PGI's open-source Flang front-end and LLVM code generation back-end, the ARM Fortran compiler provides users with wide Fortran application coverage and support when porting code to ARMv8-A compatible platforms such as the Cavium ThunderX2. 

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Algorithmic processing performed in High Performance Computing (HPC) environments impacts the lives of billions of people, and planning for exascale computing presents significant power challenges to the industry. ARM delivers the enabling technology behind HPC.

The 64-bit design of the ARMv8-A architecture combined with Advanced SIMD vectorization are ideal to enable large scientific computing calculations to be executed efficiently on ARM HPC machines. In addition ARM and its partners are working to ensure that all the software tools and libraries, needed by both users and systems administrators, are provided in readily available, optimized packages.

Libraries and Tools for HPC

ARM provides commercially supported tools and libraries to ensure users get the maximum performance from their software. This includes ARM Compiler (Linux user-space C/C++/Fortran compiler), ARM Performance Libraries (optimized BLAS, LAPACK and FFT routines), Allinea DDT debugger, Allinea MAP profiler and Allinea Performance reports.