Resources related to High Performance Computing (HPC) on Arm

  • HPC White Papers

    A collection of White Paper resources related to High Performance Computing (HPC) on Arm.

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  • Scalable Vectorization for LLVM

    This talk, presented at 2016 LLVM Developers’ Meeting, covers the changes made to LLVM IR to support vectorizing loops in a vector length agnostic manner, as well as improvements in vectorization enabled by the predication and gather/scatter features of the SVE.

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  • Arm Architecture Reference Manual Supplement - The Scalable Vector Extension (SVE), for ARMv8-A Beta

    See the full SVE instruction set specification, downloadable in a convenient .zip format containing the full PDF, XML and HTML components of the specification.

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  • HPC Documentation

    See all the documentation for Arm's HPC toolset.

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