HPC White Papers

A collection of White Paper resources related to High Performance Computing (HPC) on Arm.

  • A sneak peek into SVE and VLA programming - White Paper

    Get an overview of SVE with information on the new registers and the new instructions, the Vector Length Agnostic (VLA) programming technique with some examples. Learn how SVE can be used to vectorize strcmp and strcpy from the standard C library. 

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  • HPC Case Study: CFD Applications on Arm

    We examine the readiness and potential of Arm based platforms for High Performance Computing, and have benchmarked two different computational fluid dynamics (CFD) applications.

  • Arm Scalable Vector Extension and application to Machine Learning

    Download this white paper to learn how vector-length-agnostic techniques introduced by SVE can be used to efficiently vectorize General Matrix Multiplication (GEMM) and low precision GEMM (GEMMlowp).

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  • ARM C/C++ Compiler
  • How the Flang Frontend Works

    The open-source Fortran frontend for LLVM known as Flang is discussed. The ultimate goal for Flang is to become part of the LLVM ecosystem, receiving the same level of support as the Clang frontend. To support this goal, this paper explains the Flang frontend interior, alongside giving a description of how the source code is structured.

  • Big Data Case Study: Spark on Armv8

    We examine the readiness of Arm-based platforms for two prominent big data technologies, namely Spark and Hadoop.