A collection of presentations delivered over the past 12 months by Arm staff and partners about High-performance computing, held at international events, and during live webinars hosted by Arm.

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SC 2018

Presentations from the Arm workshops at the Supercomputing conference in Dallas, Texas, November 2018.

Topic Presenter
Astra deployment goals and activities (Download presentation) Simon David Hammond,
Sandia National Labs
Evaluation of Cavium ThunderX2 for DoD Applications (Download presentation) Keith Obenschain,
US Naval Research Lab
Performance of a multi-physics code on Cavium ThunderX2 (Download presentation) John Wohlbier,
China HPC activities with Arm (Download presentation) James Lin,
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
POSTK performance and progress update (Download presentation) Mitsuhisa Sato,
LUSTRE Client and Server readiness on Arm (Download presentation) James A Simmons,
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)             
RADIOSS porting experiences and results (Download presentation) Eric Lequiniou,
LS-DYNA porting experiences and results (Download presentation) Sheng Peng,
Catalyst and Isambard deployment activities (Download presentation) Simon McIntosh-Smith,
University of Bristol /
GW4 Alliance
Catalyst deployment activities and ecosystem focus (Download presentation) Mark Parsons, Michelle Weiland,
Catalyst deployment activities and ecosystem focus (Download presentation) Dr Mark I. Wilkinson,
University of Leicester
Dibona cluster apps work (Download presentation) Etienne Walter,
ARM usability & performance assessment for the Scientific Community (Download presentation) Gabriel Hautreux,
Comparative analysis of HPC apps on ARM and other architectures (Download presentation) Dirk Pleiter,
Jülich Supercomputing Centre

Arm Research Summit 2018

Presentations from the Arm Research Summit 2018 in Cambridge, September 2018.

Topic Presenter
ARM HPC Tools update - Open source and commercial (Download presentation)
Ashok Bhat,
 Early toolchain performance experiments on Isambard (Download presentation) Andrei Poenaru,
University of Bristol /
GW4 Alliance 
The ARM ecosystem approach to HPC: Current products and future outlook (Download presentation) Dan Ernst,
Vanguard Astra - Petascale ARM platform for U.S. DOE/ASC supercomputing (Download presentation) Andrew Younge,
Sandia National Labs
Catalyst UK - an overview (Download presentation Michele Weiland,
ARM HPC (Download presentation Brent Gorda,
Marvell/Cavium ThunderX2 processor (Download presentation Giri Chukkapalli,
Marvell Technology Group
(Formerly Cavium Inc.)
Toward building an ARM HPC ecosystem - A64FX processor and Fujitsu's activity (Download presentation) Shinji Sumimoto,
 Leading the charge for ARM in HPC (Download presentation Andy Warner,

ISC 2018

Presentations from the Arm workshops at the ISC High-performance computing conference in Frankfurt, June 2018.

Topic Presenter
x86, ARM, GPUs, Oh My! (Download presentation)
John C. Linford,
Arm-supported HPC tools (Download presentation)
Chris Goodyer,
Bootstrapping the Arm HPC Ecosystem. Lessons learned and next steps (Download presentation)
Andy Warner,
Enabling HPC Applications for ARM: Today and Future
Dirk Pleiter,
Jülich Supercomputing Centre
Going to Arm, a Code perspective (Download presentation)
Guillaume Colin De Verdiere,
Toward Building up Arm HPC Ecosystem (Download presentation)
Shinji Sumimoto,
Vanguard Astra: Maturing the ARM Ecosystem for U.S. DOE/ASC Supercomputing (Download presentation)
Kevin Pedretti,
Sandia National Labs
The ECP Software Stack (Download presentation)
Mike Heroux,
Sandia National Labs
Qualcomm Centriq Benchmarking
Ryan Quick
Isambard - The World’s First Large-Scale Production 64-Bit Arm Supercomputer (Download presentation)
Simon McIntosh-Smith,
University of Bristol
FLAGSHIP 2020 Project: Development of “Post-K” and Arm SVE  (Download presentation)
Satoshi Matsuoka,
Arm Server Standardization
Jon Masters,
SUSE Support for Arm HPC deployments (Download presentation)
Jay Kruemcke,
HPCG: shared memory implementation and evaluation on the Cavium ThunderX (Download presentation)
Filippo Mantovani,
Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain
Accelerating Arm-Based Platforms Performance (Download presentation)
Gilad Shainer,
OpenHPC Automation with Ansible (Download presentation)
Renato Golin,
Cavium’s ThunderX2 Architecture and Performance Update
Giri Chukkapalli,
Marvell Technology Group
(Formerly Cavium Inc.)
The MontBlanc 3 Project (Download presentation)
Etienne Walter,
Bull Atos Technologies


Presentations from Arm webinars.
See these webinar recordings on the Arm HPC Tools webinars page.

Topic Presenter
Resolving inefficiencies in complex I/O (Download presentation)
John C. Linford,
12 July 2018
Optimize HPC across platforms - Vectorization, why, when, how ... (Download presentation)
Phil Ridley,
29 May 2018
Optimize HPC - Application efficiency on many-core systems (Download presentation)
Florent Lebeau,
27 March 2018