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Application, real-time and microcontroller processors.
Cortex-A | Cortex-R | Cortex-M 
Neoverse |  SecurCore | Machine Learning 
Classic Processors 


Arm DesignStart helps companies to design innovative custom chips or FPGA designs, with the lowest risk possible.
DesignStart Eval | DesignStartPro |
DesignStart FPGA |
DesignStart Physical IP |
Arm IP for Advanced Research

Graphics and Multimedia

High performance and high efficiency GPU and ISP Technology.
Mali GPUs | Mali Camera 

System IP

System IP is configurable for many applications from IoT to high performance server.
CoreLink Interconnect | Memory Controllers
System Controllers | CoreSight Debug and Trace
System IP | System Guidance | Socrates

Physical IP

Artisan Physical IP is the foundation of every Arm-based SoC.
Embedded Memory | Pop Core Hardening
Interface | Logic | Design Start

Security IP

Security IP is a comprehensive solution made possible by Arm TrustZone Security IP.
Platform Security Architecture | CryptoIsland
CryptoCell-300 | CryptoCell-700 
TrustZone System IP | Cortex-M35P


In Subsystem you can learn more about CoreLink Subsystem and Corstone Foundation IP.
CoreLink Subsystem | Corstone Foundation IP