Artiscan Overview

Artiscan is software developed and owned by Arm, which scans for the existence of the tags, fingerprints, and other unique signatures used to identify Arm logic libraries, memory compilers, and interface IP. The Artiscan software is a Linux-based command line tool that is run locally by Arm partners to scan GDS files and identify relevant IP. It leverages multiple detection techniques to ensure that Arm IP is being properly tracked by end-user licensees and foundry partners. Artiscan supports scanning on GDS files as well as the OASIS format.

Please ensure that you use the latest (i.e. current) version of Artiscan provided by ARM. Please implement the usage of a new version within a reasonable time, in line with your licensing and reporting obligation.

Q. Do I have an obligation to run Artiscan software on my IP?

To best answer this question, you should reference the contract that was signed with ARM to check whether you have an obligation to run the software tool and send the report back to ARM.

Q. What is IP Detection?

ARM Physical IP Platforms deliver process optimized IP, for best-in-class processor implementations. These platforms are comprised of logic libraries, memory compilers, and interface IP. ARM adds tagging information to its physical IP for tracking and identification purposes.

Q. What software platform does Artiscan support?

ARM Artiscan supports the following platforms:

  • 32-bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6

  • 64-bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6

Q. How to generate an Artiscan confirmation report?

A confirmation report is generated in addition to detail reports after scanning of a tapeout file. In this report, general project, foundry and process information is included. Detection status for ARM Standard Cell, Memory, and IO products is also listed.

A confirmation report can be found under the directory where the detailed reports are located. This report is an HTML file with name ending with ‘.html’. Only generic HTML tags are used and no JavaScript is embedded. You can use a web browser to view and print the report.

You will need to sign the confirmation and send it to

Q. Where to send the Artiscan confirmation report?

Artiscan confirmation report can be sent to: PIPD-reports

Q. How do I run the software tool and the basic usage of the software?

Please see “usage” section of the user guide.

In addition, you can watch a quick 5 minute video.

Q. Why can’t I generate a 2nd license key for my organization?

This is because someone in your organization has downloaded the Artiscan software in the last 6 months. If you have received an email message that we can’t provide you with a license key, please send an email to or and we can manually generate a key for you.