A phone, a tablet, game console etc.

Graphics and Multimedia Processors

Arm Mali multimedia IP offers high performing, energy efficient media processing across a number of mobile, automotive, embedded and consumer devices. These include high efficiency to visually stunning high-performance smartphones, Android™ OS-based tablets, SmartTVs (DTV) and wearables.

The Arm Mali multimedia IP includes Mali graphics processors and Mali camera image signal processors.

Mali GPUs

The Arm Mali family of graphics processing units (GPUs). Covering a range of devices from ultra low power to high performance.

Mali Camera (ISP)

The Arm Mali Camera family of image signal processors (ISP) that deliver the highest image quality for automotive and embedded applications.

Arm Mali Developer Resources

Mali Performance Counters

Guides that explain the performance counters found in the Arm Streamline tool's profiling templates for Mali GPUs.

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Graphics and Gaming Tools

Tools that help you get the best out of your game or application. Including the Arm Mobile Studio, ASTC Encoder, and other graphics related tools. 

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Graphics Development

Arm's collection of resources to help you work with Mali GPUs. Including developer guides, API guides and game engine specific guides when working with Mali GPUs.

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