Image signal processors (ISP) that deliver the highest image quality for embedded and automotive applications.

Arm Mali Camera Image Signal Processors (ISPs) deliver the highest image quality for embedded, automotive, and industrial vision applications.

Mali-C32 and Mali-C52 are designed for a wide variety of applications, such as security and smart cameras. They process each pixel in real time and deliver industry-leading High Dynamic Range images and great low-light performance.

Mali-C71AE is designed for the emerging smart automotive and industrial markets, capturing twice the dynamic range of a standard single exposure sensor, and sometimes even outperforming the human eye. Mali-C71AE supports the requirements of SIL 2, SIL 3 and ASIL B functional safety for various applications, from all-round vehicle awareness, mirror replacement, and night-vision improvement, through to industrial mobile robotics.


The Arm Mali-C71AE ISP delivers key visual information for the smart automotive and industrial markets, creating clear and convenient viewing.


Arm Mali-C52 delivers unparalleled image quality that is available in two configurations – it can be optimized for image quality or optimized for area.


Arm Mali-C32 delivers outstanding image quality and state-of-the-art image signal processing in real-time. This ISP is optimized for area.


The Arm Mali Cameras have been specifically designed for the automotive and embedded market segments:

Smart cities

A line drawing of a camera.

Security and internet protocol (IP) cameras  


Phone at the top of the market.


A home containing automation.

Smart homes

4 fans put on base (drone).

Drones and personal robots

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