Relevant training courses

Mali Camera C71 C52 C32 Hardware Design

This course is for engineers who work in a SOC project and take charge of the Mali Camera integration. Also, engineers who manage IP verification or SOC verification.

Mali Camera C71 C52 C32 Software Development

This course is for ISP/Camera software develop engineers who have interest in learning how to design and implement an arm camera solution.

Mali Camera C71 C52 C32 IQ Tuning

This course is for engineers who focus on or interest in IQ tuning and image quality in a camera system.

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Open a support case

Open a support case to help to get advice from Arm experts throughout your support contract.

Open a support case

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Arm Training courses

Learn more about Arm technologies with courses delivered by experienced Arm engineers.

Arm training courses

Hardware that validates a system.

Arm Design Reviews

Optimize your Arm designs and reduce risk with end-to-end project assistance from Arm experts.

Arm Design Reviews