Mali-C71AE is the highest-performance Image Signal Processor (ISP) from Arm. Mali-C71AE delivers key visual information for the smart automotive and industrial markets.

Mali-C71AE provides multicamera support with up to four real-time cameras, or up to 16 virtual cameras. This multicamera support offers a wide range of data output formats, and provides the flexibility to support both human and machine vision applications. Applications for the industrial market include production line monitoring and quality control. Mali-C71AE is also suited for the emerging smart automotive market. Examples include delivering key visual information to the driver for clear and convenient viewing and providing image data to machine vision systems for driver assistance, like lane keeping and collision avoidance.

Mali-C71AE is the first product in the Mali Camera family of ISP with built-in features for functional safety applications. Mali-C71AE supports vision systems that need to achieve ISO 26262 ASIL B diagnostic requirements in various automotive applications. Examples include advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), mirror replacement and night vision improvement. The safety features also allow Mali-C71AE to achieve IEC 61508 SIL 2 diagnostic requirements and SIL 3 for the avoidance of systematic failure in a range of industrial applications, like mobile robotics and factory automation.



Camera support: 4 dedicated video inputs of max resolution 4096 x 4096
Sensor type support: RGGB, RCCC, RCCB, RCCG, RGBIr
Channel support: Memory-to-memory processing mode for up to 16 channels
Processing performance: Up to 1.2 Gigapixels/second throughout 
Mali-C71AE block diagram

Arm ISP reference platform

Speed up initial evaluation of the system, image quality, and software performance with the Arm ISP reference platform, pre-built and pre-tuned with the Mali-C71AE ISP.

Accelerate development time with:

  • A full introduction of the Mali-C71AE
  • An image quality evaluation before silicon is available
  • Information on how to use the ISP tools that are provided

The Arm ISP reference platform is delivered with one fully-tuned image sensor supported by FPGA logic and software components. The reference platform works out-of-the-box with minimum user interaction, and provides extended capabilities for monitoring ISP state by using the ISP tools.

Arm works with many sensor vendors. If you would prefer a different image sensor with your reference platform, contact your Arm partner manager or one of our technical experts.

Arm ISP Tuning Package

The Arm ISP tuning package is free to download through a simple end-user license agreement.

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