The Arm Mali-470 ultra low power GPU doubles the energy efficiency of the previous Utgard based Mali GPUs. Reducing the cost of both implementation and operation, the Mali-470 delivers superior energy efficiency across 1–4 core implementations. It is the first Mali GPU designed specifically for the power-sensitive requirements of wearable and IoT devices.

Key Benefits of Mali-470:

  • Maximizes battery life with minimal thermal implications.
  • Expands the smartphone user experience to wearables and IoT.    
  • Maximum efficiency with low memory fragmentation, reduced integration time and cost, reduced support burden.

Mali-470 Block Diagram.

Arm Mali-470 GPU

 Features  Value Description
4x AA.
16x AA.
4x Multi-Sampling with virtually no performance drop.
16x AA outperforming all implementations of comparable quality.
API Support
OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0.
Full support for next-generation and legacy 2D/3D graphics applications.
Bus Interface
Compatible with a wide range of bis interconnect and peripheral IPs.
L2 Cache
8KB - 256KB
Configurable L2 cache optimized for graphics data traffic.
Memory System
Memory Management Unit.
Multi-core Scaling
1 to 4 cores.
A single IP covering a wide range of markets and price/performance points.

Performance - Mali-470 (MP1)

Feature Value Description
Frequency 250MHz
in 40nm LP
in 28nm HPM
Throughput 27Mtri/s, 250Mpix/s
71Mtri/s, 650Mpix/s
in 40nm LP
in 28nm HPM