Mali Video Processors

Arm Mali Video IP provides a broad range of performance capabilities combined with Arm’s system-wide approach to power efficiency and security.

The Mali Video roadmap offers advanced video technology combined with power-efficiency and one of the smallest chip sizes in the market to creators of mass-market mobile devices. Mali-V76 is designed to scale from 4Kp60 decode or 4K30 encode on two cores to 8K60 decode/8K30 encode on 6 cores (at 16FF). Mali-V52 is optimised for 4K decoding performance at 120frames per second on 3 cores, whilst encoding performance is at half the frame rate. Mali-V61 is optimised for 1080 to 4K120 encode/decode.   

Mali Video Processors support a wide range of codecs. All variations offer stunning 10-bit HD quality to end users with all supporting 10-bit HEVC and VP9, whilst Mali-V76 and Mali-V52 also support 10-bit H.264. For more details click on the links below. 

  • A mali gpu chip.
  • Graphics Processing from Arm

    Including both graphics and GPU Compute technology, Mali GPUs offer a diverse selection of scalable solutions for low power to high performance smartphones, tablets and DTVs.

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  • Delivering Energy-efficiency to the Screen

    The Mali Display Processors bring composition, scaling, rotation and image post-processing tasks from the GPU on to a dedicated processor to maximize device battery life.

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