Artisan Interface IP

Arm Artisan Interface IP provides silicon-proven solutions for variety of system architectures and standards for today’s SoC. Arm offers a broad portfolio of General Purpose I/O (GPIO) products optimized for the best performance and most robust ESD protection. The Artisan product portfolio covers over 15 foundries and numerous process variants.

FinFET I/O libraries

Arm offers 1.8V and 3.3V GPIO solutions using 1.8V oxide devices on multiple FinFET processes. The programmable cells for drive strength, slew rates, receiver type and pull-up/down offers a flexible implementation and the ability to program on-chip via software. The GPIOs provides a flexible placement configuration for the smallest I/O ring footprint; only one set of cells is needed for single or dual row, in-line or staggered configuration. Additionally, the I/O cells have the ability to retain the state of the I/O when core power is turned off.

Bulk CMOS I/O libraries

Artisan Logic IP for bulk CMOS processes extends from 250nm to 22nm. GPIOs are available for in-line and staggered configuration, flip-chip, wirebond, and area I/Os. Density and power-optimized GPIO libraries offer one set of cells for single or dual row, in-line or staggered configuration, and have the ability to retain the state of the I/O when core power is turned off.

I/O validation

Artisan GPIO libraries undergo rigorous design assurance and view validation checks. The analysis and validation are done on stand-alone cells and within standard EDA flows to ensure products of the highest quality. Thorough documentation is included to guide designers on specification, configuration options, usage and placement requirements for optimal ESD results. Test chips prove the ESD integrity of each library; test chip reports are available on request.

Arm Flexible Access DesignStart Tier

Design and produce an SoC with the proven, industry-leading Cortex-M0 and Cortex-M3 processors, for no upfront license fee, and access thousands of Arm Artisan physical IP products for fastest time to market.