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Arm Physical IP usage reporting FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions about DesignStart usage reporting.

Q: What is Usage Reporting?

Usage reporting is the reporting of LICENSEE products that contains Arm IP. This includes a set of basic product information that is defined in your agreement. 

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Q: Why do I need to report on usage?

In exchange for the product that was downloaded from Arm DesignStart, LICENSEE agrees to report on each LICENSEE products. This includes a set of product information as defined in the agreement.

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Q: How do I access the Artisan Physical IP usage reporting portal?

The URL for Arm DesignStart usage reporting portal is You will login through your Arm Single Sign-On. If you don’t have an Arm user account yet, please sign up for DesignStart here.

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Q: I am a Artisan Physical IP reporter. How do I add/replace a coworker as a new reporter?

Please contact your account owner or DesignStart Licensing Team ( if there is a reporter role transition or you need to add a new user from your organization for usage reporting.

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Q: When reporting a new/existing product into the usage reporting system, which product status should I pick?

Product Status Definition 
In design Back end views of Arm IP have been downloaded and either evaluation work or chip design work have begun, but no tape out yet
MPW MPW / Shuttle Run tape out
In production Multi-Layer-Mask or full mask tape out in either prototype or production
End of Life Tape out products terminated or reached end of life
Cancelled In design products are cancelled without reaching tape out, or no longer exist (include details of reasons for product cancellation)

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Q: How do I submit a product for certification?

After creating and saving a new product, look for the “Certify” button at the upper right corner of the product detail page:


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Q: Why can’t I see the “Certify” button to submit a product for certification?

If you cannot see the “Certify” button next to the “Edit” button in the upper right corner of the product detail page, that means the product you just entered is not Certification Ready and is missing certain required information. Please click the “Edit” button to add all required information such as foundry part number and Arm IP to make it Certification Ready. The fields with an asterisk next to them will be all the required information.

If the product is still in design and you do not have a foundry part number, please wait until it has been taped out to submit for certification.

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Q: Why can't I edit my product information after it is submitted for certification?

Product information page will be automatically locked and not editable once submitted for certification. Please contact your account owner or DesignStart Licensing Team ( if you find a typo or need to make changes to a product that’s already been submitted for certification.

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Q: What is product revision and when should I create a revision?

Revision can be created for the following purposes:

  • Tape out type changes from MPW to Full Mask.
  • Tape out type stays the same, but revised tape out ends up with a new foundry part number.

When you create a revision, all existing product information will be pre-populated except for the following:

  • Product name.
  • Foundry part number.

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Q: How do I attach the IP Confirmation Form, Artiscan Report or other relevant files to my product?

If you already have the IP Confirmation Form and Artiscan Report in hand when you create a product, please upload them through the two upload buttons on the “Creating New Product” page:


If you don’t have those files at the moment, please go ahead and submit your product. Your account owner in the DesignStart Licensing Team will assist you with the generation of the files when they review your product certification.

Download the Artiscan tool here.

Other files

If you’d like to attach other relevant files to the product, after creating and saving the new product, on the product detail page, click “Files” on the left to upload file:

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Q: What are the reporting periods?

Product certification

You can add new products and submit for certification anytime throughout the quarter. For new tape outs, preferably right after the product has been taped out for more accurate data.

Usage reporting

January 1-31 Q4 report
April 1-30 Q1 report
July 1-31 Q2 report
October 1-31 Q3 report

We will suspend accounts that are delinquent in fulfilling usage report at the end of the reporting window. Once suspended, your download function in DesignStart will be taken away. Suspended accounts will still be able to submit usage reports for current and previous quarters at Once we have received missing usage reports, we will reactivate your account.

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Q: Why do I see an error when logging off?


This is a known error that we are correcting. Although the error is appearing, you can be assured that you have successfully logged out.

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Q: Which browsers are compatible with the new reporting system?

We recommend you use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for the best performance of our new reporting system. We are looking to make IE compatible as well, but will come later.

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Q: What are the key things I will need to do in the new usage reporting system?

  • Products - to create new products, submit for certification
  • Usage Reports - to update and submit the quarterly usage report
  • Follow-Ups - if Arm has any questions about the products or reports you submitted, your account owner will reach out to you by sending you a follow-up that’s attached to a product or a usage report. You will be able to see a new item under Follow-Ups on your homepage. You will receive an email notifying about the follow-up as well.

For more training information, please click here for training materials.

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Q: Can I submit a “zero report” if I don’t have any products to report on, didn’t tape out any wafer or have any status change for existing products?

After you click New Usage Report, on the usage report screen, there will be a Nothing to Report button in the upper right corner. You can click Nothing to Report if:

  • You have no products or products are in design and remain in design.
  • You have tape out products but no wafer was purchased.
  • No product status change for any existing products.

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Q: Why am I unable to log in with my existing username and password?

Single Sign-On has been incorporated for all usage reporting users. This will require e-mail address verification and will require you to sign up if you have not done so before.

To complete, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Sign up now.

  2. Input your corporate e-mail address and click Send verification code.

  3. Enter the verification code that was sent to your e-mail address and then click Verify code.

  4. Create and confirm a new password, then click Create.

  5. After verification, you will be able to input your login credentials and Sign In to usage reporting system.


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