The Arm Cortex-A17 processor is the highest performance Armv7-A processor

The Arm Cortex-A17 processor offers 60% more single thread performance over the Cortex-A9 in a power and area-efficient package, which makes it ideal for mid-range solutions. The processor includes the latest Armv7-A features such as virtualization support, Large Physical Addressing Extension (LPAE), Neon and 128-bit ACE interface.

Information on Cortex-A17.
Architecture Armv7-A
Multicore 1-4x Symmetrical Multiprocessing (SMP) within a single processor cluster, and multiple coherent SMP processor clusters through AMBA 4 ACE technology. Compatible with CCI-400 for up to two clusters.
ISA Support
  • Arm and Thumb-2
  • TrustZone security technology
  • Neon Advanced SIMD
  • DSP & SIMD extensions
  • VFPv4 Floating point
  • Hardware virtualization support
  • Large Physical Address Extensions (LPAE)
  • Integer Divide
  • Fused MAC
  • Hypervisor debug instructions
Memory Management Unit (MMU)
Armv7 Memory Management Unit
Debug and Trace


 The Cortex-A17 processor is optimized for maximum performance for mobile mid-range power budgets. With 60% more single thread performance over the Cortex-A9 processor, the Cortex-A17 processor is the fastest mid-range solution available.

Additionally, the Cortex-A17 processor offers 50% performance uplift over Cortex-A9 on Neon and FPU workloads, boosting performance of any code leveraging this capability such as audio and video codecs.

With expected frequencies beyond 2.5GHz in 28nm, the Cortex-A17 processor can be scaled in size to meet a range of different application demands. Topologies are expected to vary depending on the use case due to the malleability of the Cortex-A17 processor.