Delivering premium performance with best-in-class power efficiency to mobile and laptop devices in a soon to be 5G connected world. 

The Arm Cortex-A77 CPU is the third-generation premium core built on DynamIQ technology. It can be paired with Cortex-A55 CPUs in a scalable DynamIQ big.LITTLE configuration. Cortex-A77 delivers higher performance with greater efficiency to all mobile and laptop devices. Consumers are now demanding greater performance from their devices along with multi day battery life. Cortex-A77 enables the end user to enjoy sustained high performance across even the most complex compute tasks in a soon to be 5G connected world. Building on the best-in-class power and area efficiency originally established with previous generations of Cortex-A processors.

Arm Cortex-A77 block diagram

Arm Cortex-A77 CPU

Architecture  Armv8-A (Harvard)  
  • Armv8.1 extensions
  • Armv8.2 extensions
  • Cryptography extensions
  • RAS extensions
 Armv8.3 (LDAPR instructions only)
ISA support
  • A64
  • A32 and T32 (at the EL0 only) 
 Pipeline  Out-of-order
 Neon / Floating Point Unit  Included
 Cryptography unit
 Max number of CPUs in cluster
 Physical addressing (PA)  40-bit
Memory system and external interfaces
 L1 I-Cache / D-Cache  64KB
 L2 Cache  256KB to 512KB
 L3 Cache  Optional, 512KB to 4MB
 ECC support  Yes
 LPAE  Yes
 Bus interfaces             AMBA ACE or CHI
 ACP  Optional
 Peripheral port  Optional
 Functional safety support  ASIL D systematic
 Security  TrustZone
 Interrupts  GIC interface, GICv4
 Generic timer  Armv8-A
 Debug  Armv8-A (plus Armv8.2-A extensions)
 CoreSight  CoreSightv3
 Embedded trace macrocell  ETMv4.2 (instruction trace)

Arm Security Algorithm Accelerators

Download the hardware block:

Cortex-A77_Security_Algorithm_Accelerator.tar.gz 584 KB

Key benefits

  • Improved performance for mobile and laptop devices enabling more immersive AAA-gaming, faster web-browsing and application launch time.
  • Brings an improved always-on, always-connected feature set of mobile to laptop devices, extending battery life for a charger-less work day.
  • Aligned with Arm's premium solutions such as Mali-G77, and Arm's machine learning (ML) processor.

Key features compared to Cortex-A76

  • Up to 20% improved IPC performance from mobile to laptop devices.
  • Improved user experience with more performance through major micro-architectural updates.