Arm Cortex-R Series Processors

Cortex-R series processors deliver fast and deterministic processing and high performance, while meeting challenging real-time constraints in a range of situations. They combine these features in a performance, power and area optimized package, making them the trusted choice in reliable systems demanding high error-resistance.

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  • Debug of Cortex-R Series Devices

    Debug and trace of Cortex-R series processors can be carried out through DS-5 Development Studio, with options for high speed serial trace.

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  • Safety Standards in the Arm Ecosystem

    Learn more about functional safety in hardware and software from medical to automotive and IoT applications. This whitepaper aslo covers the Armv8-R architecture.

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  • Functional Safety in Cortex-R

    For IEC 61508 and ISO 26262, Arm provides a safety certified compiler, plus hardware features such as memory protection, EDC, dual-core lock-step and fault containment.

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Cortex-R comparison table

Download the following PDF datasheet to compare the specifications of Cortex-R processors.