Arm has designed subsystems to provide readily available solutions that can be directly integrated into your design. Learn more about the following subsystems:

Information on CoreLink SSE-100 subsystem.

SSE-050 subsystem

Targeted at typical embedded / IoT systems, this Cortex-M3 based subsystem contains key elements for efficiency.

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SSE-100 subsystem

An expanded version of the SSE-050 subsystem, including an embedded Flash Controller for TSMC55ULP process.

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SSE-200 subsystem

Using the Cortex-M33 processor, this TrustZone enabled subsystem is the state-of-the-art solution for secure, energy-efficient, constrained IoT nodes.

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SSE-300 subsystem

The SSE-300 is an AMBA AXI based TrustZone-enabled subsystem that unlocks the energy-efficient capabilities of Cortex-M processors.

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