CoreLink CCI-500

The Arm CoreLink CCI-500 Cache Coherent Interconnect

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The Arm CoreLink CCI-500 Cache Coherent Interconnect extends the performance and low power leadership of Arm mobile systems. It provides full cache coherency between big.LITTLE processor clusters and provides I/O coherency for other agents such as Mali GPU, network interfaces or accelerators. CoreLink CCI-500 offers a scalable and configurable interconnect which enables SoC designers to meet the performance goals with the smallest possible area and power.


 Features Details
 ACE subordinate interfaces 1-4 for fully coherent processors including Arm Cortex
 ACE-Lite subordinate interfaces 0-6 for IO coherent devices such as Mali processors, accelerators and IO such as PCIe root complex
 Memory and System requester interfaces 1-4 memory interfaces
1-2 system interfaces
 Coherency and snoop filter Integrated snoop filter maintains directory of 
processor cache contents, reduces CPU snoops and reduces system power
 Memory map 32-48 bit physical address width, configurable address map
40, 44, or 48-bit DVM

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  • AMBA 4 ACE Specification

    CoreLink CCI-500 is built on the AMBA AXI4 specification, targeting high bandwidth, high clock frequency designs.

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    A three-part series of blogs on cache coherency fundamentals, and why they matter to system design.

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  • Introduction to AMBA 4 ACE

    Focused on AMBA ACE and ACE-Lite interfaces, which introduce system-level coherency, cache maintenance, Distributed Virtual Memory (DVM) and barrier transaction support. It enables big.LITTLE software to run effectively, increasing system efficiency.

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  • Quality of Service in Arm Systems

    Nearly all performance-oriented SoCs are dependent on high bandwidth and low latency external memory systems to deliver within cost and performance constraints. This paper goes through the QoS functions that help deliver predictable performance in Arm systems.

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    Ensuring the demands of video streaming are consistently met while minimizing cost and maximizing battery life are the challenges for today's SoC designer. This paper explores how QoS mechanisms can enable lower latency while maintaining sufficient overall system bandwidth.


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