CoreLink DMC-500

The Arm CoreLink DMC-500 Dynamic Memory Controller

Getting Started

The CoreLink DMC-500 Dynamic Memory Controller provides power-efficient access to LPDDR4 and LPDDR3 memory in mobile, consumer, and embedded designs. The DMC-500 supports dual AXI4 system interfaces and a single DFI 4.0 memory interface.

  • Delivering best performance per watt for data transfers from SoC to memory.
  • Best combination of features, power, cost, and performance.
  • Fast, dual-port AXI4 system interface for transferring data to LPDDR4 and LPDDR3 DRAM memories.
Premium Mobile Cortex A-72 System Diagram.


 Features Details
 AMBA interface  AXI4
 System interface
Memory channels 1
 LPDDR4/3  Yes
Maximum DDR speeds  LPDDR3-2133, LPDDR4-4267
 Memory width  x32 LPDDR3, x16 LPDDR4, Dual-channel for x32 LPDDR4
Chip Selects (per channel)  2
 QoS  QoS based scheduling algorithm, non-blocking paths to DRAM through CCI
 Low power  All DRAM power modes are supported and hierarchical clock gating throughout the DMC

DMC-500 Block Diagram.

CoreLink DMC-500 key features

System Optimized DMC with support for two AXI4 128-bit wide system interfaces

  • One interface for channeling coherent traffic from CoreLink CCI-550 or CoreLink CCI-500 interconnect.
  • One interface for supporting real-time or display, or other non-coherent traffic that demands a guaranteed maximum latency.

Single 128-bit wide DFI 4.0 memory interface

  • Supporting x16 LPDDR4 up to DDR-4267 and x32 LPDDR3 up to DDR-2133 transfer, dual-DMC channel support for x32 LPDDR4.
  • Support for clock gating, dynamic frequency change, and memory low-power modes for optimized power consumption.
  • Integration-verified with industry-standard DFI-compatible DDR PHYs.

Integrated TrustZone Controller

  • Enabling secure media path protection for Ultra-HD content from Mali multimedia to memory.

Quality-of-Service (QoS)

  • QoS improvements over previous generation reducing average and maximum CPU latency.
  • End-to-end QoS optimized with CCI-550 using QoSACCEPT protocol.

CoreLink DMC-500 Characteristics

CoreLink DMC-500 utilizes LPDDR4 which is the most advanced mobile memory technology available today. LPDDR4 lowers power consumption while accessing memory due to a narrower datapath, and improves the speed at which bits are transferred to-and-from memory. System-wide QoS designed and tested with CoreLink CCI-550, CoreLink CCI-500, Cortex-A53 and Cortex-A72 processors, and Mali GPU.

  • TRM
  • CoreLink DMC-500 Technical Reference Manual

    For system designers, system integrators and programmers who are designing a SoC, the Technical Reference Manual is the go-to resource.

    DMC-500 TRM
  • A guide on software optimization.
  • AMBA 4 ACE Specification

    CoreLink DMC-500 is built on the AMBA AXI4 specification, targeting high bandwidth, high clock frequency system designs.

    AMBA specs


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