Webinar: Three tips for maximising your SoC performance

CPU performance is highly dependent on choices such as: processor speed, cache size, interconnect, memory speed, data ordering, data width and optimal integration of the IP blocks. In addition to focusing on the CPU, Arm also fulfils extensive system performance analysis work to ensure that the optimal configuration options are chosen by the designer. 

Watch this webinar to understand more about the methodologies and analysis techniques used at Arm, plus how these link to CPU performance. Tom Conway from the Arm Systems and Software Group will introduce some of the SoC design work carried out by Arm, with data for SoCs targeting mobile and server/networking applications.

Tom Conway, Director System Marketing 

Tom is currently working in the Systems and Software Group leading the marketing of IoT, Mobile and Enterprise system products from Arm. Since joining Arm in 2003, Tom has led engineering teams and has held a variety of marketing roles, within system on chip and system IP product teams. In 2012 Tom moved into marketing to work more closely with Arm partners, as a product manager for Arm’s memory controllers and interconnect technology.