Arm System Memory Management Units (SMMU)

MMU-700 block diagram

CoreLink MMU-700 features

  • SMMUv3.2 compliant IO-MMU compatible with Arm v8.4 and Arm v9 based CPUs.
  • Key Arm architecture features enabled: Secure-EL2, range invalidate, MPAM.
  • Support for advanced PCIe and CXL ATS functionality.
  • Built to support PCIe Gen5 bandwidth for wide range of I/O applications.
  • Introduces AMBA-LTI for translations as a look-aside function.
  • Enables the PCIe-PRI feature for on-die accelerators without the need for ATS flow.

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CoreLink MMU-600AE features

  • Meets automotive safety requirements for building high-performance ASIL B to ASIL D systems.
  • Software compatible with MMU-600 with Arm v8.2 compliant RAS reporting interface.
  • Efficient functional logic duplication, ECC and address protection for SRAM.
  • AMBA extensions for interface protection.
  • Fault management unit to simplify error reporting, testing and integration.

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CoreLink MMU-600 features

  • Enhances CoreLink MMU-500 feature set by incorporating SMMUv3.1 specification to support Armv8.2 CPUs.
  • Expands the number of contexts supported to millions.
  • Implements AMBA-DTI to interface TBU and TCU to improve scalability.
  • Multi-level TLB and Walk Cache improves system address translation hit rates.
  • Improved write buffer depth and parallel translations.
Diagram on enterprise for CCN502 to 512.

CoreLink MMU-500 Features

  • Builds on top of MMU-400 features by implementing SMMUv2 architecture adding support for Armv8 CPUs.
  • Supports Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage1 followed by Stage 2 address translation for up to 128 active device contexts.
  • Implements a distributed Translation Buffer Unit (TBU) micro-architecture with direct point-to-point connections between each TBU and the centralized Translation Control Unit (TCU) for Page Table Walks (PTWs).
  • Supports up to 128 entries per TLB which is further backed by TCU cache up to 2K entries.

CoreLink MMU-401 Features

  • Supports SMMUv1 architecture for Armv7 CPUs and Arm v8 for 64KB page sizes.
  • Performs stage2 translation only for hypervisor support.
  • Implements a single TBU micro-architecture with connection to a single TCU for page table walks.

MMU-500 Block Diagram

CoreLink MMU-500 Characteristics

The CoreLink MMU-500 supports the translation formats of Armv7 and Armv8 architectures and performs Stage 1, Stage 2, or Stage 1 followed by Stage 2 translations for all page sizes except 16KB page granule for Armv8. The MMU-500 is implemented as a distributed design with one or more TBUs communicating to a single centralized TCU that performs PTWs to memory. Each TBU can be located in its own clock and power domain making it easy to co-locate the TBU with the peripheral requiring translation. Each TBU communicates to the TCU over an point-to-point stream interface and with bus manager over ACE-Lite. The TCU has an AXI4 subordinate interface for configuration. 

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