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Arm is an active contributor to Linux® and a large number of open source projects and initiatives to enable new hardware capabilities and optimize performance. Projects span across a large range of domains including mobile, embedded, Internet of Things, networking, infrastructure and cloud computing.

To foster closer collaboration on open source projects, Linaro™ was created to bring together industry and the open source developers to collaborate on key projects and tools, reduce fragmentation and redundant effort, and provide common software foundations optimized for Arm IP and platforms.

Arm also contributes to standards organizations and initiatives and sponsors a number of conferences and community events to help shape the future of open source software and support the ecosystem.

Information about infrastructure and solutions available to developers to build next generation data center, cloud and network infrastructure deployments is available from the Arm Infrastructure Developer Area.

Project Contributions

Operating Systems

Arm is working with the open source community to enable open operating systems including features from latest Architecture and IP.
Linux® Kernel

GNU Toolchain

As a leading contributor to GNU toolchain projects including the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC), GNU Debugger (GDB) and GNU Binutils, Arm, ensures that this popular suite of programming tools are compatible with Arm processors.

Arm GNU Embedded Toolchain
Linaro Cortex-A Toolchain


Arm participates and contributes to major open source virtualization projects to enable latest hardware features.

Power Management

Power and performance are critical to Arm designs. Contributions in this area ensure that open operating systems can take full advantage of SoC capabilities in order to maximize power savings, particularly with systems like big.LITTLE, whilst achieving the right performance level.

Intelligent Power Allocation (IPA)
Energy Aware Scheduling (EAS)


To better support multi-core features that are now built with Arm SoCs, we are contributing support for threaded library functions and parallel computing to ensure that partners can innovate and meet the needs of HPC end-users.  


Initiatives around Network Function Virtualization and increasing focus on enabling portability across a diverse range of networking platforms through the definition and adoption of common APIs. Contributions are done through participation in joint initiatives and collaboration frameworks as well as reference implementations.
Open Platform for NFV

Firmware and Platform Integration

Platforms increasingly rely on common interfaces and mechanisms to allow support of new technologies to support operating systems. There are a number of initiatives that Arm contributes to in order to support partner platforms.
Arm Trusted Firmware
ACPI Component Architecture