A-Profile Architectures
Application profile with multiple modes and support for virtual memory systems based on an MMU.

R-Profile Architectures
Real-time profiles with multiple modes and support a protected memory system based on an MPU.

M-Profile Architectures
Microcontroller profiles designed for fast interrupt processing and hardware stacking of registers.

Instruction Sets
Arm architecture forms the basis for every Arm processor.

AMBA Protocol
The de facto standard for on-chip communication.

Platform Security Architecture
A set of threat models, security analyses, hardware and firmware architecture specifications.


Cortex-A Series
High performance processors for open Operating Systems.

Cortex-R Series
Exceptional performance for real-time applications.

Cortex-M Series
Cost effective solutions for deterministic microcontroller applications.

Machine Learning
Project Trillium is a new class of highly-scalable processors from Arm, designed specifically for machine learning and neural networks capabilities.

Graphics and Multimedia Processors

Mali GPUs
The Arm Mali series of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) offer industry-leading scalable graphics IP that drives the visual experience.

Mali Display Processors
Highly functional, secure and efficient display processors.

Mali Video Processors
Low-power, high-performance IP for multi-stream, secure video delivery.

Mali Camera
Next generation Image Signal Processors (ISP) for smart automotive markets.

Assertive Display
Market-leading outdoor viewability solution.

System IP

CoreLink Interconnect
Interconnect, memory controllers and system IP to maximize performance and power efficiency

CoreSight Debug and Trace
Debug and real-time trace solution for the entire System-On-Chip.

Socrates System Builder
To configure, generate and optimize all your system IP.

CoreLink Memory Controllers
The family of CoreLink Memory Controllers offer optimized and efficient access to the DRAM, which is critical to the performance of any chip.

CoreLink System Controllers
The Arm CoreLink System Controllers orchestrate critical AMBA system tasks.

TrustZone Security IP
The Arm TrustZone CryptoCell solution is a comprehensive collection of silicon-proven security modules that provide platform level security services.

System Design Tools

Fast Models
Models for building virtual prototypes tailored to specific SoCs and embedded systems.

Cycle Models
Implementation Accurate Models compiled directly from Arm RTL.

Fixed Virtual Platforms
Early access to a Virtual Platform for accelerated software development.

Development Boards
Fully validated hardware platforms to enable early prototyping and development.

System Guidance
System guidance is a free collection of resources, which provide a representative view of typical compute subsystems, which can be designed and implemented using specific generations of Arm IP.

CoreLink System Design Kits
The Arm CoreLink System Design Kits (SDKs) help you build your system faster than ever before. With verified, configurable and modifiable subsystems, which pre-integrate the processor with the most relevant system components.

Software Development Tools

Compilation toolchain for the Arm architecture.

DS-5 Development Studio
Software development tools for every stage of application development.

Debug Probes and Adapters
Debug and trace connection to Arm and Cortex target systems.

Graphics Development Tools
Development tools for graphics applications and content on Mali GPU based systems.