AMBA 2 Overview

Arm AMBA 2 is an older version of the on-chip bus architecture that added AMBA High-performance Bus (AHB), which is a single clock-edge protocol. It has been widely used on Arm7, Arm9 and Arm Cortex-M based designs.

  • AMBA 2 AHB

    The AMBA 2 AHB interface specification enables highly efficient interconnect between masters in a single frequency system. This interface includes all of the capabilities of the AMBA 3 AHB interface but also enables the use of arbitration between masters in the construction.

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  • AMBA 2 APB

    The AMBA 2 APB interface specification supports the low bandwidth transactions necessary to access configuration registers in peripherals and data traffic through low bandwidth peripherals. The highly compact and low power interface isolates this data traffic from the high performance AMBA 2 AHB interconnect.

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