System Architecture

System Architecture Overview

In addition to development of processor architecture, standardization across areas of system architecture is a key aspect of a rich re-usable ecosystem. Three of these areas are closely related to processor and operating system development:

  • System timer support is included in recent A-profile, R-profile and M-profile architectures.
  • Standardization of interrupt controller support.
  • IOMMU support for virtualization.
System instructions in the ARMv8-A and ARMv8-R architectures provide predictable low latency access in the programmers’ model for critical timer and interrupt handling functions.

Timer support is specified as part of the A-profile, R-profile and M-profile architectures.

ARM Generic Interrupt Controller

GIC architecture for A-profile and R-profile

IOMMU Support

Provides virtual device support compatibility at the system level.

Server system architecture

Base System Architectures (BSA) provide server product requirements developed with our partner ecosystem.