Q: How do I login to DesignStart Pro?

  1. Go to the DesignStart login page: https://developer.arm.com/products/designstart/designstart-login and click Login to DesignStart Pro.

  2. At the Arm sign in page, enter your email address and password and click Sign In.

    Arm login

    If you have forgotten your password, click the Reset it here link and follow the on-screen instructions.

    Once successfully logged in, the DesignStart portal is displayed:

Q: How do I download a product from DesignStart Pro?

  1. Login into DesignStart Pro as described in Q: How do I log in to DesignStart Pro?

  2. Select the tab of the IP category you are interested in (Physical IP or Processor IP), then click the download button for the IP you want to download.

  3. When the Add to queue window displays, click Request Access.

  4. Click Go to Download Queue.

  5. All the IP you have requested access to is shown in the My Download Queue area. The STATUS field indicates if the IP is available for download. Products you have not been previously granted access to will be shown as Pending Access in the STATUS field. This indicates that the DesignStart team is currently reviewing your application.

  6. When you are granted access to the IP, a download button appears in the STATUS field. Click the button to download the IP.

Q: What can I do with DesignStart Pro Academic?

When you register for DesignStart Pro Academic, you get access to the fully configurable (full RTL) Cortex-M0 or Cortex-M3 processors and their subsystems. Key aspects of the license are highlighted below:

  • The IP is for use by academics and for academic research only, including for generating/using course and teaching materials.
  • You may only use the IP to design and manufacture products that contain the Arm processor downloaded
  • You may manufacture and test up to 1,000 chips
  • You may use third parties to manufacture, package and test your integrated circuits. Note that some Arm products may include constraints on which third parties you can use
  • You may use the IP in FPGA development boards for internal use of evaluating your design or developing software applications
  • You may not modify the IP (other than as set out in the license)
  • You may not distribute the IP, your designs or manufactured integrated circuits to third parties
  • The results you generate may contain confidential information of Arm and hence you shall not disclose such information without Arm’s consent
  • By downloading and using the materials you are making a representation to Arm that you are an academic and that you accept the terms of the agreement, both personally and on behalf of the academic institution you represent.
  • The term of the agreement is 3 years

Please note that the above is not the license to Arm IP; you should read the full terms of the license before agreeing to it!