Assertive Display 3

About Assertive Display 3

Arm Assertive Display IP is the market-leading outdoor viewability solution. Powered by an innovative local tone-mapping engine, it continuously adapts each individual pixel to compensate for sub-optimal conditions, such as limitations of the display, ambient light conditions and reduced backlight. Additionally offering advanced power-saving features, it maintains a high-quality viewing experience, whether indoors or outside in bright sunshine.


  • 10-bit RGB data input and output

  • Supports high resolutions (e.g. 8K)

  • Hardware support for multi-pixel pipelines (left-right split-screen and odd-even neighbors)

  • A mali gpu chip.
  • Mali Graphics Processing Units

    Mali GPUs offer a diverse selection of scalable solutions for low power to high performance smartphones, tablets and DTVs.

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  • A chip used in virtual reality.
  • Mali Display Processors

    The Mali display IP offers an extensive range of functionality, including composition, rotation and scaling, within a small die area.

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