Global Illumination from ARM

  • Dynamic global illumination – enables new gameplay opportunities e.g. player controlled lighting.
  • Real-time workflow - rapid iteration drives up visual quality.
  • Physically-based rendering – consistent response across various materials and lighting conditions.
  • Indoor & outdoor scenes – consistent GI when working/playing across environments.
  • High platform scalability - scalable across mobile, console, PC and VR.

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What is Enlighten?

Enlighten Logo Enlighten is a global illumination middleware that redefines the way lighting is handled in computer games. With Enlighten, global illumination can be computed at runtime allowing for high quality dynamic lighting that dramatically improves workflow and enhances gameplay. This technology gives artists total control over lighting, driving a new generation of games that rival film for their manipulation of mood and atmosphere.

It is used in AAA titles such as Star Wars Battlefront, Battlefield HardlineDragon Age: InquisitionLords of the FallenNeed for Speed and Street Fighter V among many others.

How does Enlighten work?

Enlighten computes the effect of indirect lighting in real-time. By precomputing the surface-to-surface visibility of the static geometry in the scene, compact runtime data is generated and used to compute the global illumination for any lighting configuration or platform. Lights, materials and objects in the scene can be moved and updated at runtime with the global illumination updating in milliseconds.

This runtime technology is designed to interact smoothly with the developer’s graphics pipeline and computes industry-standard outputs: light maps, spherical harmonic probes and reflection captures. These are combined with state-of-the-art relighting models during shading to light the world to high quality.


Enlighten is the dynamic global illumination solution behind Unity 5 and is available for the Unreal Engine or as a standalone SDK.
It features multi-platform support, including:

Microsoft Windows®, Mac OS X®, Linux

Xbox One®, PlayStation 4®

Android, iOS, Windows Phone®, with full 64-bit version support.


Enlighten evaluators and customers receive world-class support from the Enlighten team. We have support staff in North America, Europe, Japan and Korea and email queries are monitored round the clock. All customers requiring support should contact us directly on:
Phone: +44 1223 405701 (UK office hours)