Mali Camera


Mali-C71 is the first product in the Mali Camera series of Image Signal Processors (ISP) from Arm’s Imaging & Vision Group

About Mali Camera

Mali-C71 is the first product in the Mali Camera series of Image Signal Processors (ISP) from Arm’s Imaging & Vision Group. Mali-C71 was developed for the emerging smart automotive market, delivering key visual information to the driver for clear and convenient viewing. The Mali-C71 also supports the requirements of SIL3 and ASIL-D functional safety for a variety of  automotive applications from all-round vehicle awareness, mirror replacement, through to night vision improvement.

Key Features

  • Mali-C71 is able to process up to 4 real-time cameras and 16 camera streams with a single pipeline.

  • Low-latency, advanced error detection with more than 300 dedicated fault-detection circuits.

  • Capable of handling 24 stops of dynamic range to capture every detail from bright sunlight to deep shadows.

Key Benefits

  • Capable of capturing twice the dynamic range of a standard single exposure sensor and in some cases even outperforming the human eye.
  • Independent dynamic range management for optimum human vision (display) and for computer vision applications.
  • Detects and corrects faults caused by the image, sensor or system to ensure reliability and consistency across every pixel.


Picture perfect: Driving next-generation image processing for automotive

Arm Community Mali-C71 blog



Camera support: 
4 dedicated video inputs of max resolution 4096 x 4096
Channel support: RGGB, RCCC, RGBIr, RCCB, RCCG
Channel support: Memory-to-memory processing mode for up to 16 channels

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