Mali-D51 Display Processor

Arm-MALI-D51 Block Diagram.

About Mali-D51

Arm Mali-D51 is the first Display Processor to bring the benefits of the new Komeda Display architecture to the Mainstream. Mali-D51 offloads the GPU by performing composition, in-line rotation, high quality scaling gamma/de-gamma and other imaging processing before sending the final image to the screen.

Key features

  • 8 Composition layers, Scaling split operation
  • 8 AFBC rotation layers, Encoding of uncompressed layers to AFBC1.2 for efficient rotation
  • Mixed HDR/SDR composition
  • MMU optimizations such as integrated TBU and tight-coupling of MMU-600

Key display solution benefits

  • Achieves twice the scene complexity within the same area of Mali-DP650
  • 50% better memory latency when coupled with MMU-600 
  • Seamlessly integrates with Assertive Display 5 for an optimal HDR experience even on a standard display

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Features Description 
Implementation Dual Display output. Compatible with all major display standards, including HDMI, MIPI, VESA, CEA-861, ITU-R .
Compatibility Display solution with Assertive Display 5 and MMU-600. Optimized to work with Arm Mali GPUs and Video Processors. 
Bandwidth Reduction AFBC1.2 support enables system-wide bandwidth reduction of up to 50%.
 Bus Interface   AMBA 4 AXI
Security Content is hardware protected right to the glass. The Arm Mali-D51 comes with a TrustZone secure layer for secure payment and is compatible with Arm TrustZone Ready Client 2, GlobalPlatform™ Trusted User Interface and TrustZone Media Protection .
Composition Max of eight alpha-blended layers (2 can be video layers). Mixed HDR/SDR composition .
Scaling Scaling on the display processor reduces CPU/GPU power consumption. The Mali-D51 DPU can scale up to two layers in parallel. High quality up-scaling (up to 64x) and down-scaling (up to 6x) in any ratio .
Resolution Up to 2048 pixels wide with native 10-bit display output support.
Rotation 90°, 180° and 270° rotation is supported along with highly configurable cropping options. In-line rotation of up to 8x AFBC layers.
Picture Quality With color enhancements, single pixel accuracy for smooth window transitions and edge sharpening .
Input/Output Wide range of input and output formats supported.

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