Mali-DP550 Display Processor

Mali-DP550 Block Diagram.

About Mali-DP550

The Arm Mali-DP550 is designed to provide a low cost, area efficient display solution for panels up to 1080p. Developed to target a wide range of use cases from mobile to industrial and IoT, the Mali-DP550 provides significant power reductions compared to its predecessor and is pre-optimised to work seamlessly with the Mali Multimedia Suite of Video and Graphics processors.

Building on the feature set of the Arm Mali-DP500, the Mali-DP550 display processor offers enhanced capabilities for offloading tasks such as composition, scaling, rotation and image post-processing from the GPU in order to save power. Within a very small silicon area and at low energy consumption, the Mali-DP550 adds support for up to seven display layer composition and includes energy efficient technologies such as AFBC. In addition, its co-processor interface enables third parties to incorporate their own display IP in the Mali-DP550 display pipeline.

Key features

  • Low cost display processor for 720p and 1080p panels
  • Targeting mobile and non-mobile (e.g. Industrial, IoT) applications
  • Offloads complex presentation functions from the CPU, GPU and VPU

 Key benefits

  • Enables efficient composition of up to seven display layers.
  • Display timing compatible with CEA, HDMI, MIPI, and VESA.
  • Co-processor interface enables further differentiation (for example, CABC, HDR, and LABC).

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Features Description
Implementation Single Engine, Single Display or Dual Engine, Dual Display.
Compatible with most display standards, including VESA, CEA, HDMI, eDP, MIPI DPI and MIPI DSI.
Compatibility Optimized to work alongside Arm Mali GPUs and Video Processors. Can process simple tasks offloaded from the GPU.
Bandwidth Reduction AFBC support enables system-wide bandwidth reduction of up to 50%.
Security Content is hardware protected right to the glass. The Arm Mali-DP550 comes with a TrustZone secure layer for secure payment and is compatible with Arm TrustZone Ready Client 2, GlobalPlatform™ Trusted User Interface and TrustZone Media Protection.
Composition Able to compose up to seven display layers.
Scaling Scaling on the display processor reduces CPU/GPU power consumption. The Mali-DP650 supports high quality up-scaling and down-scaling in any ratio and both horizontally and vertically.
Resolution Up to 4K with high colour depth. 12-bit display out is supported.
Rotation 90°, 180° and 270° rotation is supported along with highly configurable cropping options.
Picture Quality With colour enhancements, single pixel accuracy for smooth window transitions and horizontal and vertical edge sharpening.
3D Support
3D video is supported.
Input/Output Wide range of input and output formats supported.

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