Mali-400 Series GPUs

The world's first OpenGL® ES 2.0 conformant multi-core GPU provides 2D and 3D acceleration with performance scalable up to 1080p resolutions, while maintaining ARM leadership on power and bandwidth efficiency.

The Mali-400 MP GPU’s market-leading performance density has proved that it is possible to deliver both performance and power efficiency. The Mali-450 MP takes those capabilities to new levels and, with additional architectural optimization, is designed to maximize reuse of the available resources during the graphics operation. This minimizes the power and bandwidth requirements of the Mali-450 MP GPU.

These significant improvements in conjunction with software compatibility across the family of Mali-300, Mali-400 MP and now Mali-450 MP enable current Mali users to expand their range of graphics performance points whilst reusing their existing software investments. Mali-450 MP also lowers the barrier of entry into the market as new entrants can benefit from the vibrant dynamic ecosystem, wide API support; high quality optimized mature drivers all already established on Mali-400 MP.

Advanced tile-based deferred rendering

  • Advanced tile-based deferred rendering
  • Local buffering of intermediate pixel states
  • Reduced memory bandwidth overhead and lower power consumption

Efficient alpha blending of multiple layers in hardware

  • Unlimited number of blended layers without additional bandwidth consumption or unexpected performance drops

Full Scene Anti-Aliasing (FSAA)

  • Full Scene Anti-Aliasing (FSAA) using rotated grid multi sampling
  • Significantly higher quality and performance than alternative oversampling methods

Integrated MMU

  • Integrated MMU based on standard ARM MMU
  • Allows virtualization of GPU memory resources and fine-grained memory protection

Fully autonomous GPU, independent power management

  • Enables maximum parallelization of CPU and GPU tasks
  • Independent CPU and GPU power management
  • Maximize battery life, minimize heat dissipation

Fully optimized production quality software drivers

  • Maximum efficiency with low memory fragmentation
  • Reduced integration time and cost
  • Reduced support burden


Mali-400 MP1  Mali-400 MP4  Mali-450 MP4 Mali-450 MP8 Mali-470 Single Core Mali-470 Quad Core  Description
Frequency 210 MHz
210 MHz
270 MHz
270 MHz
250 MHz
250 MHz
in 40 nm LP
500 MHz
500 MHz
650 MHz
650 MHz
650 MHz
650 MHz
in 28 nm HPM
Throughput 23 Mtri/s, 210 Mpix/s
23 Mtri/s, 840 Mpix/s
59 Mtri/s, 1.1 Gpix/s
59 Mtri/s, 2.2 Gpix/s
27 Mtri/s, 250 Mpix/s
27 Mtri/s, 1.0 Gpix/s
in 40 nm LP
55 Mtri/s, 500 Mpix/s
55 Mtri/s, 2.0 Gpix/s
142 Mtri/s, 2.6 Gpix/s
142 Mtri/s, 5.2 Gpix/s
71 Mtri/s, 650 Mpix/s
71 Mtri/s, 2.6 Gpix/s
in 28 nm HPM 


Mali-400 MP  Mali-450 MP Mali-470  Description
Anti-Aliasing 4xAA
4x Multi-Sampling with virtually no performance drop
16xAA outperforming all implementations of comparable quality
API Support OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0
Full support for next-generation and legacy 2D/3D graphics applications
Bus Interface AMBA® AXI Compatible with a wide range of bus interconnect and peripheral IP
L2 Cache 8KB - 256KB 8KB - 512KB
8KB - 256KB
Configurable L2 cache optimized for graphics data traffic
Memory System MMU Memory Management Unit
Multi-Core Scaling 1 to 4 cores  1 to 8 cores 1 to 4 cores
A single IP covering a wide range of markets and price/performance points
  • Development Tools for Graphics and Compute Applications

    A range of development tools to assist in the deployment of graphics applications and content on Mali GPU based systems.

    Graphics Development Tools
  • Mali Developer Center

    An online portal for a growing community of developers, technology partners, software vendors and content companies to create a thriving community around Mali embedded graphics IP.

    Mali Developer Center