Mali Video Processors

The Arm Mali Video roadmap presents a broad range of performance capabilities combined with Arm’s system-wide approach to power efficiency and security.

The Mali Video roadmap offers advanced video technology combined with power-efficiency and one of the smallest chip sizes in the market to creators of mass-market mobile devices. Designed to scale from 1080p60 on a single core to 4k120 on the full eight cores, all variations will offer stunning HD visual and experiential quality to end users. The Mali-V550 is the first video IP solution to offer multi-standard codec, including HEVC, for both encode and decode on a single core.

As video traffic increases and its impact on network bandwidth grows, consumer devices are required to support new video codec standards that reduce bit rate while maintaining the same visual quality. The Mali-V550 tightly integrates the latest standards, including 8 and 10-bit HEVC decode and 8-bit HEVC encode, to ensure that end users and networks are able to benefit from these new innovations. Meanwhile it maintains area leadership by combining encode and decode functionality on each core and maximizing re-use across all codecs.

  • A mali gpu chip.
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    Including both graphics and GPU Compute technology, Mali GPUs offer a diverse selection of scalable solutions for low power to high performance smartphones, tablets and DTVs.

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  • Delivering Energy-efficiency to the Screen

    The Mali Display Processors bring composition, scaling, rotation and image post-processing tasks from the GPU on to a dedicated processor to maximize device battery life.

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