Mali-V76 Video Processor

Mali-V76 Block Diagram.

About Mali-V76

Arm Mali-V76 is the next generation premium video processor, designed to bring stunning 8K content to home and mobile devices. The Arm Mali-V76 video processor provides significant area savings and uplifts in both encode quality and decode performance compared to its predecessor. The Mali-V76 video processor can deliver an 8K video stream at 60fps or partners can choose to leverage its flexibility to support 4x4 video walls at 1080p or 2x2 2160p walls, both at 60fps.

Key features:

  • Multi-standard video processor
  • 10/8-bit HEVC, VP9, VP8, H.264, AVS+/AVS and legacy
  • Simultaneous encode and decode
  • Programmability/flexibility
  • Scalable 2-8 cores (8K60D/8K30E)

Key benefits compared to the Mali-V61 video processor:

  • 2x decode performance
  • 40% smaller area for 4K120 performance
  • 25% additional bitrate saving 
  • 2x bus fabric latency tolerance 
  • Added 10-bit H.264 codec and 8-bit AVS+/AVS decode


Premium mobile

Home multimedia SoCs

Consumer, IP and surveillance cameras


Features Value Description
Codec Support For encode and decode: VP9 Profile 2 (10-bit) and Profile 0 (8-bit), HEVC Main 10 and Main, H.264 Hi10P/HP/MP/BP, VP8, JPEG.
Decode only: MPEG4, MPEG2, VC-1/WMV, Real, H.263, AVS+/AVS.
Driver and video streaming infrastructure based on OpenMAX™ IL, which runs on the host CPU.
Bus Interface AMBA4 AXI Compatible with a wide range of bus interconnect and peripheral IP. 
Memory System MMU Built-in Memory Management Unit (MMU) to support virtual memory.
Performance 1080p 60 to 4K120 Scalable from one to four cores with multiple performance points.

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