The Cortex-A76 CPU delivers laptop-class performance with smartphone efficiency, bringing the same experience to all classes of intelligent mobile compute devices.


The Arm Cortex-A76 CPU is the second generation premium core built on DynamIQ technology. Paired with a Cortex-A55 CPU in a scalable DynamIQ big.LITTLE configuration, the Cortex-A76 delivers laptop-class performance with mobile efficiency, bringing the mobile experience (fast responsiveness, always on, always connected) into all classes of intelligent mobile compute devices. With superior energy efficiency and far greater single-threaded performance, the Cortex-A76 CPU extends battery life and improves user experience for sustained high performance across even the most complex compute tasks.

Information on Cortex-A76.

Key benefits

  • Better experience, user responsiveness, new ML/AI applications and virtual experiences.

  • Brings the always-on functionality of mobile to large screen devices, extending battery life for longer experiences.

  • 4x performance for inference ML at the edge.

Key features compared to Cortex-A75

  • 40% better power efficiency.

  • 35% improved performance.




Architecture Armv8-A (Harvard)  
  • Armv8.1 extensions
  • Armv8.2 extensions
  • Cryptography extensions
  • RAS extensions
  • Armv8.3 (LDAPR instructions only)

ISA support
  • A64
  • A32 and T32 (at the EL0 only)
Microarchitecture Pipeline Out-of-order
  Superscalar Yes
  NEON / Floating Point Unit Included
  Cryptography Unit Optional
  Max number of CPUs in cluster Four (4)
  Physical addressing (PA) 40-bit
Memory system and external interfaces L1 I-Cache / D-Cache 64KB
  L2 Cache 256KB to 512KB
  L3 Cache Optional, 512KB to 4MB
  ECC Support Yes
  LPAE Yes
  Bus interfaces AMBA ACE or CHI
  ACP Optional
  Peripheral Port Optional
Other Functional Safety Support ASIL D systematic
  Security TrustZone
  Interrupts GIC interface, GICv4
  Generic timer Armv8-A
  Debug Armv8-A (plus Armv8.2-A extensions)
  CoreSight CoreSightv3
  Embedded Trace Macrocell ETMv4.2 (instruction trace)

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More performance in sleek smartphone form factors, delivered at best efficiency

Intelligent devices in your home

Delivers new levels of intelligent performance in your smart home

Large-screen compute

Provides performance needed to power laptops and Chromebooks


Great choice for single-board computers (SBCs) with broad ecosystem support


Support for ASIL D functional safety using Cortex-R52 safety island


Arm training courses and on-site system-design advisory services enable licensees to efficiently integrate the Cortex-A76 processor into their design to realize maximum system performance with lowest risk and fastest time-to-market.

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  • Development Tools for Cortex-A

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  • Arm Design Reviews

    Arm's on-site design review service gives licensees confidence that their Cortex-A76 CPU is implemented efficiently, to provide maximum system performance, with lowest risk and fastest time-to-market.

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