The Arm Cortex-M0 processor is the smallest Arm processor available. 

Information on Cortex-M0.

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The exceptionally small silicon area, low power and minimal code footprint of the processor enables developers to achieve 32-bit performance at an 8-bit price point, bypassing the step to 16-bit devices.

The ultra-low gate count of the Cortex-M0 processor also enables its deployment in analog and mixed signal devices. Arm DesignStart provides free access to design and license the Cortex-M0, and free forum support to accelerate custom SoC development. It is the fastest, simplest, no-risk route to custom silicon success.

Download this whitepaper for tips and tools to creating an SoC proof-of-concept, free and fast!


ISA Support Thumb/Thumb-2 subset


Bit Manipulation
Bit banding region can be implemented with Cortex-M System Design Kit
Interrupts Non-maskable Interrupt (NMI) + 1 to 32 physical interrupts
Enhanced Instructions
Hardware single-cycle (32x32) multiply option
Sleep Modes
Integrated WFI and WFE Instructions and Sleep On Exit capability
Sleep & Deep Sleep Signals
Optional Retention Mode with Arm Power Management Kit
Optional JTAG and Serial Wire Debug ports. Up to 8 Breakpoints and 4 Watchpoints.

Cortex-M0 Characteristics

Performance Efficiency 2.33 CoreMarks/MHz* and 0.89/1.02/1.27 DMIPS/MHz.

Arm Cortex-M0 Implementation Data***

(7-track, typical 1.8v, 25°C) 
(7-track, typical 1.2v, 25°C)
(9-track, typical 1.1v, 25°C)
Dynamic Power




Floor planned Area

0.11 mm2

0.03 mm2

0.008 mm2

* See:

** The first result abides by all of the “ground rules” laid out in the Dhrystone documentation, the second permits inlining of functions, not just the permitted C string libraries, while the third additionally permits simultaneous (”multi- le”) compilation. All are with the original (K&R) v2.1 of Dhrystone 

*** Configuration with full ISA support and Interrupt Controller, includes 1 IRQ + NMI, excludes ETM, MPU and debug

  • Manual containing technical information.
  • Cortex-M0 Technical Reference Manual

    In-depth material for system designers, integrators and verification engineers. An important resource for software developers who want to make use of the Cortex-M0.

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  • A program that is running on a desktop.
  • White Paper: Cortex-M for beginners

    This White Paper compares the features of various Cortex-M processors and describes how to select the right processor for the application.

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  • a ulink, a board, a desktop.
  • Embedded Development Tools for Cortex-M Series

    Arm and its ecosystem partners provide a wide range of tools for embedded software development on Arm Cortex-M processors.

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  • A system design kit for apps.
  • Cortex-M System Design Kit (CMSDK)

    CMSDK is a comprehensive system solution designed to work seamlessly with Cortex-M processors out-of-the-box.

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Arm training courses and on-site system-design advisory services enable licensees to efficiently integrate the Cortex-M0 processor into their design to realize maximum system performance with lowest risk and fastest time-to-market.

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