SecurCore SC000

The Arm SecurCore SC000 processor is designed specifically for the highest-volume smartcard and embedded security applications. 


The SC000 combines the low power and low area from the Cortex-M0 processor with the proven security features of Arm SecurCore processors. This enables a high assurance level certification for security-critical applications. Arm SecurCore processors are the most widely licensed 32-bit processors for smartcards worldwide. The programmers’ model is the same as the Cortex-M0. Therefore, the Cortex-M0 documentation listed below can be used for software development. However, explanation of anti-tampering features requires a SecurCore NDA.

Key benefits

  • Low power, low area.

  • Upward compatible with SC300 processor for straightforward software reuse.

  • Fast time to market. Based on the same architecture as Cortex-M0, software development is straightforward.

  • Ecosystem. Developers also benefit from the Arm partnership extensive ecosystem of embedded tools, software, and knowledgebase.


Performance efficiency: 2.33 CoreMark/MHz* and 0.87/1.02/1.27 DMIPS/MHz**

(7-track, min 1.8v, 25°C)
(7-track, min 1.2v, 25°C)
(9-track, min 1.1v, 25°C)
 Dynamic Power
74 µW/MHz 11.2 µW/MHz 4.6µW/MHz
 Floorplanned area
0.125 mm2
0.034 mm2 0.008 mm2

** The first result abides by all of the ‘ground rules’ laid out in the Dhrystone documentation. The second result permits inlining of functions, not just the permitted C string libraries. The third result also permits simultaneous (multi-file) compilation. All are with the original (K&R) v2.1 of Dhrystone.

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The SC000 embeds countermeasures against side channel attacks and fault injections. Its ultra-low power footprint makes it an ideal choice for a range of contact, contactless and NFC applications.


Smart cards

Electronic ticketing

Advanced payment systems




Arm training courses and on-site system-design advisory services enable licensees to efficiently integrate the SC000 processor into their design to realize maximum system performance with lowest risk and fastest time-to-market.

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