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DS-5 Debian Edition

The Arm DS-5 Development Studio is a professional toolchain developed by Arm to accelerate the development of native (C/C++) Linux applications. It is available free of charge to Debian Developers and offers 32-bit (armel and armhf) and 64-bit (arm64) Arm application debug and system analysis to help make Debian packages robust and highly optimized for Arm processor-based devices. Learn more about Streamline performance analyzer and DS-5 Debugger.

Getting started using DS-5 installer

Follow these simple steps to install DS-5 Debian Edition as a new Eclipse installation.

1. Download and Install

Download and extract the installer from the downloaded archive file, run (not source) or and follow the on-screen instructions. The installer unpacks DS-5 into your chosen directory, and optionally adds desktop shortcuts.

Note You can also choose to install DS-5 plugins into an existing Eclipse installation. To do so, please follow the Community Edition instructions and then manually add a new license as described below.

2. License

Request a license by sending an email to A GPG-encrypted serial number will be sent to your Debian email address.

Start DS-5 and open the license manager. If this is your first time using DS-5, then a popup dialog will automatically ask you if you wish to open the license manager, otherwise it can be opened from the "Help" menu.

Choose "Add License...", and enter the serial number you received to obtain a license.

Work through the wizard to select the Host ID to lock your license to, and enter or create your Arm account details.

Once complete, the license manager can be closed as the product is ready to use.

NoteDS-5 environment may introduce itself as Ultimate instead of Debian Edition - this is expected behavior (some Ultimate Edition features may not work).


Join the Arm Connected Community Tools Group for help with DS-5. It is monitored by both Arm engineers and other members of the community.